Since its inception, Ervin Well Site Consultants has been consultant-owned and proudly based in the Permian Basin.


Why Ervin Well Site Consultants?

Our position as one of the oldest and most established firms in the region has given EWC unparalleled access to local talent with invaluable experience of all kinds. We’re fortunate to have an ever-growing network of professional consultants who have hands-on experience in every major oil and gas play across the US, the Gulf of Mexico, and many abroad.

We respect and believe in the old wisdom that it’s better to do one thing well than many different things poorly. And while some competitors have begun to place consultants in addition to providing their original primary services, we’ve been dedicated to our mission and purpose for over twenty years.

Benefits for Operator Clients:

At EWC, we work hard to provide clients with the best consultants in the industry. Some benefits of using Ervin Well Site Consultants include:

Contract consultants offer operators the opportunity to quickly and easily staff up or downsize as the market or project requires. Use of independent well site consultants through EWC allows companies to quickly adapt to ever-changing staffing needs by:

  • Only paying for days worked
  • Not requiring termination paperwork
  • Not having to worry about unemployment claims
  • Avoid layoffs or formal termination processes — simply call us, and we’ll communicate to consultants that the project has finished.
West Texas and Eastern New Mexico are our home, and they always have been. Based in the Permian Basin for over two decades, Ervin Well Site Consultants is committed to supporting our local community, as well as to our using our unparalleled experience and connections in the area to provide better value for our customers in every way possible.
Regardless of your production needs, goals or project size, we can provide you with qualified and experienced consultants who will not only meet but supersede your expectations.
EWC is committed to always improving in the way we provide service to our clients and consultants. Over twenty years of business in the Permian Basin has provided us with the experience and foresight necessary to do just that.

We work hard to offer exceptional value to our customers by:

  • Maintaining the highest quality of liability insurance in the industry (general & professional liability coverages to meet the requirements of any operator client)
  • Preventing overtime compensation disputes and unemployment claims by ensuring consultants understand and sign documentation clarifying their role as independent contractors with no eligibility for overtime compensation, employment benefits, or unemployment compensation
  • Fostering trust and promoting integrity in the industry by following our Mission Statement and ensuring consultants sign and adhere to ethical principles meant to prevent conflicts of interest, dishonest production figures, claims of harassment or mistreatment, and poor environmental stewardship
Choosing the right personnel is important for any project. That’s why we try to help as much as possible by researching and vetting each candidate ahead of time.

Our team works diligently to:

  • Conduct face-to-face interviews
  • Run background checks
  • Verify driver’s license status and vehicle insurance coverage
  • Schedule Drug & Alcohol screenings
  • Check both listed and unlisted industry references in an effort to provide you with a solid selection of the most qualified contract personnel from which to choose

Most consultants working through EWC have 20+ years of invaluable experience and extensive knowledge of work-over, drilling, or completion, procedures at various depths and zones both onshore and offshore.
Ervin Well Site Consultants believes that people are the most valuable resource; that there is a tremendous need to proactively support a culture of safe and mindful work practices in the field.

EWC’s Safety Director and Field Safety Auditors will:

  • Customize and manage programs for drug/alcohol testing
  • Track and schedule consultant safety certifications to better ensure compliance with customer certification expectations and any and all regulatory requirements
  • Conduct field audits if desired by customers to meet each individual client’s HSE expectations
  • Maintain compliance in online contractor management platforms such as ISNetworld, PCIS, and PEC Safety
  • Maintain compliance in online contractor management platforms such as ISNetworld, PICS, and PEC Safety

Benefits for Consultants:

As a company started and managed by an independent well site consultant, Ervin Well Site Consultants recognizes the long-term needs of consultants more than most.

EWC has always successfully worked to:

  • Make sure contractors get paid in an efficient, reliable, and timely manner
  • Help minimize unnecessary legal risks for independent contractors by providing the best insurance and legal protection in the industry
  • Provide access to methods by which consultants can obtain health insurance or tax planning advice if needed
  • Work to provide the safest and most consultant-friendly work environment
  • Find longer-lasting work opportunities and better schedules
  • Treat consultants like internal customers
  • Answer the phone 24 hours a day – We’re here when you need us!
One of the biggest expectations oil and gas companies have is that all contractors on location adhere to safety and regulatory requirements 24/7. Ervin Well Site Consultants keeps track of customer requirements on your behalf, so you can always be in compliance and ahead of the curve.

We provide service to our independent consultants by:

  • Tracking and scheduling any required safety certifications
  • Conducting routine field audits so we can make sure you have everything you need
  • Maintaining record compliance in online contractor management platforms such as ISN, PICS, and PEC Safety – It’s can be a full-time job, let us take care of it so you don’t have to!
The sales and operations teams at Ervin Well Site Consultants are constantly looking at future projects to keep consultants working longer. We stay in communication with existing and potential customers so we’ll know what projects are coming up for you.

EWC will:

  • Seek out the best rates and schedules possible
  • Not requiring termination paperwork
  • Not having to worry about unemployment claims
  • EWC has standing Master Services Agreements with over 100 oil and gas companies, and is adding more everyday

For more information call (432) 695-9815

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At Ervin Well Site Consultants, we believe people are the most important thing — and we act like it!  Come see why we get to work with the best consultants in the industry.